Fundraising 30 Additional Motorized Tricycles

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Since we launched in December 2015, MAZA has already made an impact in the Chereponi District in Northern Ghana. We have enabled a total of 35 people to help give access to hospital care in a timely manner, and we are ready to expand our capacity. Our goal is to supply the area with 30 more motorized tricycles.

As at now, our 13 vehicles give us a coverage of roughly 1 tricycle per 3500 rural population. With an additional 5 tricycles, we will achieve 1 tricycle per 2,500 rural population—which will greatly help to reduce our response times, and increase our reliability.

In so many cases, timely access to healthcare is the difference between life and death. Help save lives by donating to our cause. MAZA is moving, and we want you to join us.