Our Top Mission…

is saving lives through transportation.

Providing health transportation services that are:


Call MAZA from your mobile phone toll-free from anywhere, at any time, and a friendly, local MAZA representative will answer and meet your needs.


MAZA provides subsidized loans to our drivers to make the vehicles affordable. Drivers give discounts to families when they prepay.


In a health emergency, just call MAZA on your mobile and we will locate the nearest vehicle and send a driver to you within minutes.


Our vehicles are serviced regularly and  in top shape. We ensure our dispatch center operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We are committed

MAZA, transportation saving lives, through
  1. Subsidizing vehicle loans to drivers to ensure a reliable supply of motorized vehicles in rural communities that can serve multiple functions including socioeconomic.
  2. Structuring demand for health transportation by subscribing families with pregnant women through incentives, health education and pre-payment with mobile money.
  3. Operating a toll-free mobile phone dispatch center to match callers with the nearest drivers to get them to the nearest health care facilities.
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We focus on Northern Ghana

Our Impact


  • Improving timeliness in accessing urgent health care, especially during pregnancy and infancy.
  • Saving lives and reducing disability by enabling sick people to receive treatment more promptly.


  • Creating jobs and income-generating assets for drivers.
  • Enabling farmers and traders to access more markets more frequently.

We make finding transportation in remote rural areas fast and simple.